Women can be good personal evangelists, and they should be encouraged to proclaim the gospel. Why do some women don’t  use their gifts? The two things that prevent women to experience freedom in Christ are identity and self-image. Despite the fact that women have been pushed forward and given a more prominent role in society, I still think they suffer from negative self-image. Many women carry around with them a whole range of negative emotions from past hurts and disappointments. Their attitude of I can’t do it, prevents them to take up key roles. Secondly they think that their gifts are not acceptable. Many women could do more to serve God, if they are prepared to contribute the gifts they have.

Full-time employment can make a regular commitment to church very difficult. Mothers at home with small children face a different set of pressures. Older women can be the backbone of many Sunday schools and youth groups. Family demands play a main role. Sometimes the unsaved husbands and the elderly in-laws at home, make the situation hard to come out. In the modern society it is not hard to feel discouraged. We only have to look at the pressures in the home, the work place, on children- especially the teenagers .

But faith can never merely observe; we have to act and believe in the possibility of change. You cannot change the world but you can change somebody’s world- you can do something. Maybe you could do more than you are doing now. If so, how about taking a few minutes to think and pray about what steps you need to take to express your Christian faith in practical ways and to use your gifts for the service of God and the neighborhood or the local church.

You can change somebody’s world – you can do something, perhaps you could help and encourage someone else to use her gifts- you can mentor a younger person who is not confident enough to take on a role on her own, but could do it with your support.

“You gave the Lord two hundred dollars this morning” said a servant of God to an aged mother, who had never had much of this world’s goods. “What do you mean?” asked the aged Christian, “ I do not have it to give”.“I heard you singing”, replied the preacher. “I counted five hymns of praise to the Lord. The Psalmist said that a song of praise would please the Lord more than an ox. A cow would be worth at least forty dollars. So you have given the Lord two hundred dollars”. (Psalm 69:30,31)