May 2014


One day I decided to quit…. I quit my job, my relationship, my spirituality. .. I wanted to quit my life. I went to the woods to have one last talk with God. ‘God’, I asked, ‘Can you give me one good reason not to quit?’ His answer surprised me… ‘Look around’, He said. ‘Do […]

“I Have Created Him For My Glory” (Isaiah 43:7)

 This is no day to become just a lump of clay filled with depression and discouragement or suicidal thoughts. This is the day to live up to God’s expectancy for you.  Consider this: No scientific instrument is as sensitive to the light as a person’s eye. He can seelight from the stars and the nearest […]


“We are more than conquerors through Him that loved us” (Romans 8:37)             Many women believe that if only their circumstances were different, then they would be different or they would act differently or they would be happier. What they are really saying is, that they are victims of their circumstances, that they are powerless […]

God’s Order For The Family

Bonhoeffer setting in a Nazi prison cell once wrote a wedding sermon for a niece who was about to be married. In it he said,”Marriage is more than your love for each other. It has a higher dignity and power, for it is God’s holy ordinance through which he wells to perpetuate the human race […]

Tony Davis: Unfinished Business On Earth

Tony Davis was a young rhythm and blues singer who followed the path of many aspiring musicians. He moved from Orlando to Los Angeles seeking to sing R&B. Tony’s dreams of stardom just weren’t coming true, so he turned to God for help. He prayed, “Something has gotta happen. God if you’re real, please help […]


God is pleased to manifest Himself.  In creation, God is manifesting His wisdom and His workmanship.  The Heavens declare the glory of God and the earth His handiwork.  In Jesus Christ, God is manifesting His love for our salvation. In the lives of His redeemed, He desires to manifest His saving grace. The life of […]