I was born and brought up in a Roman Catholic family. I was an altar boy in the Perambur Roman Catholic Church, but did not know the (truth) Jesus.  My father was an alcoholic and there was no peace in our home and I was the last born in my family and therefore neglected.

            Hence I was brought up by my uncle, who was from a CSI back ground. Looking at all the little children growing up I did not have much love and care that I needed and was deprived of the basics in life. I did not have a bright future to look forward to in life. I was like Joseph in the Old Testament whatever I did, it went adversely.

            At the age of eighteen, to my sheer amazement,  I did not know I had contracted a disease called Rheumatoid Arthritis. I became totally bedridden and was unable to move myself on my own,  I experienced excruciating pain all over my body and especially all the joints in my body. I was rushed to the Railway Hospital in Perambur, where I was declared as incurable, after much treatment there was no improvement. This sickness usually effects  those who over 60 years and above. The doctors called and told my family members, that I would live for another three months and die in my sleep, as this disease would affect my spine, then my brain and I would pass away in my sleep. I heard what the doctor said, and I was saying within myself. If there is a God and if His Name is Jesus, He should heal me and I would live for Him till the very end of my last breath. But things were getting from bad to worse and I was gradually deteriorating.

            One day, a servant of God came to my uncle’s house and prayed for me and told me about the saving and healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ. I was so deeply convicted, I began to cry and weep profusely and confessed all my sins and asked the Lord Jesus Christ to come into my heart. There was a great peace and calmness in my heart that night, as I had never experienced before. There was a bright light that lit up the room and I saw what looked like a big scissors that came near my back and snap off the rope and I saw a big boulder roll of my back.

            That night I slept like a little baby. I had never experienced anything like that before, when I awoke up the next day, for the first time, after ninety days I sat up on my own on the bed and began to move my body, my hands and legs. There was absolutely no pain at all. I got up and walked and everyone was amazed at home. After God wrought this marvelous miracle in my life, my relatives were deeply touched and came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord.  I am really grateful and thankful to my Lord the great and awesome Physician for His miraculous touch on my life. He not only healed my body but also saved my soul. Glory to God!