Angel was born to us, on November 19, 1997, in Quilon, Kerala.  We were staunch Catholics. We were very happy and excited. However, the next day, we found out that she had no anal opening and large intestine. She was rushed to Trivandrum Medical College, for a quick surgery. Little did we realize, that things were becoming more complicated than they seemed. Fate seemed  cruel and we were unable to bear the news that she was genetically abnormal. The doctor and our relatives told us, “She will not see the gates of school.” And, “You can put her in some Home, where they take care of such children.”

Our heart was broken and everyone in our family blamed us saying that some curse was working  against us or because of some great sin committed by us. There was no one to give us an explanation. That evening, for the first time, I read the Bible for consolation and opened to John 9:3: “Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be manifest in him.” It hit me hard, that God was planning to reveal His glory in this situation. There was a small hope in this word like a ray of light. I shared it with my wife who could find no consolation. As Catholics we knew Jesus only as the One who worked miracles but we never had the complete trust as in Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to  his purpose.”   and  that we had to learn to trust him daily as our Shepherd ( Psalm 23:1) and our Savior (Matthew 1:21.)

Three surgeries were performed on her. Those were the difficult days. We slowly learnt that God was interested in our personal relationship with Him. For this we had to follow Him in His narrow path for eternal life. Eternity had more value than our earthly life. A couple whom we first met in a bus stop were instrumental in our salvation. We accepted the Lord as our personal Saviour and soon obeyed Him in the waters of Baptism. They constantly encouraged us about the Truths in the Word and about its power to lead a victorious life with the help of the Holy Spirit.

We had to leave Kerala. We got clear instructions from the Lord to move to Chennai. I got a teaching job miraculously in Chennai.  I had no prior experience in teaching nor did I know anyone in Chennai. My God was my provider. We found it better for Angel’s treatment.  This was a blessing in Angel’s life.

When we decided to admit her in a school for mentally retarded children, the Lord intervened through an acquaintance at the same school. A Muslim believer who worked as a teacher there, advised us to admit  her to a regular school. The Lord gave us guidance through her on how to train her. When she secured admission, with a wonderful performance, we could not believe it! Although there was a struggle to bring her up, all our burdens were lifted as we looked to Calvary. All her days, had been filled with small and big miracles!  But one day, the Lord healed her completely as she was listening to a gospel testimony on the Computer, with her hand on her abdomen.  His grace was sufficient! Within a few years, we saw the wonderful changes in her appearance, her improved milestones and academic performance. She would always put songs of praise and worship, which she continues even today! She would boldly testify at school through her actions whenever time came. Her teachers have openly testified to this. She recently passed her 10th Std NIOS, with first class in Computer Data Processing. Currently, she is waiting to join IIDA, for a Diploma in Computer Application.  All glory to God.

Brother Joseph Thomas