I am from a Hindu background. When I was nine months in my mother’s womb, the doctors found out that I was not breathing. Since it was Christmas day, the hospital authorities had a prayer meeting. My mother prayed to the Lord Jesus that I might live. To their amazement, they found that I was breathing. I was brought up practicing all the Hindu rituals. I was the State Chess Champion for many years. Though an Hindu, I believed the statement “Jesus Never Fails”. This helped me in all my competitions.

            When I was 13 years old, I fell off the terrace of a tall building while playing. I fell right on the electric wires and then on the granite. While falling I cried, “Lord Jesus help me”. Though my thigh bone was fractured, my life was spared. On 18th March, 2003, a rod was fixed in my right thigh. The Lord saved my family after this accident. After this, we started fellowshipping at ACA Perambur Church.

            In 2016, I started developing excruciating pain on my right knee. The scan report said that the rod had moved downwards and required an immediate surgery. The doctors said it would cost Rs. 50, 000/- but I did not have a rupee. I prayed and the Lord miraculously opened a door and exactly after 13 years, on 18th March 2016, I was operated and the rod was removed in the Government Hospital. The hand of the Lord was upon me and my right thigh bone was completely healed. Glory to God!

      Brother Obadiah Santhosh