“How precious also are Thy thoughts unto me, O God how great is the sum of them ” (Psalm 139:17).
“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end”(Jeremiah 29:11).

In a certain old town was a great Cathedral and in that Cathedral was a wondrous stained- glass window. Its fame had gone abroad over the land. From miles around people pilgrimaged to gaze upon the splendor of this masterpiece of art. One day there came a great storm. The violence of the tempest forced the window and it crashed to the marble floor, shattered into a hundred pieces. Great was the grief of the people at the catastrophe which had suddenly bereft the town of its proudest work of art. They gathered up the fragments, huddled them into a box and carried them to the basement of the Church.

One day there came a stranger and craved permission to see the beautiful window. They told him of its fate. He asked them what they had done with the fragments. And they took him to the vault and showed him the broken pieces of glass. “Would you mind giving these to me?” said the stranger. “Take them along” was the reply, “They are no longer of any use to us.” And the visitor carefully lifted the box and carried it away in his arms. Weeks passed by, then one day there came an invitation to the custodians of the Cathedral. It was from a famous artist, noted for his master’s  skill in glass craft. It summoned them to his study to inspect a stained glass window, the work of his genius.

Ushering them into his studio, he stood them before a great veil of canvas. At the touch of his hand upon a cord the canvas dropped. And there before their astonished gaze shone a stained glass window surpassing the beauty all their eyes ever beheld. As they gazed with wonder upon its rich tints, wondrous patterns and cunning workmanship the artist turned and said, “This window I have wrought from the fragments of your shattered one, and it is now ready to be replaced.” Once more a great window shed its beauteous light into the dim aisles of the old Cathedral. But the splendor of the new, far surpassed the glory of the old, and the fame of its strange fashioning filled the land.

Dear young heart, do you say that your plans have been crushed? Have joy and sweetness vanished from your life? Does there seem nothing left for you but to walk its weary thread mill until its days of darkness and drudgery shall end? Then know this, Jesus Christ is a matchless life-  mender. Try Him. He will take the seemingly shattered life and fashion a far more beautiful one from its fragments than you yourself could ever have wrought from the whole. In Him, your weary souls shall find it’s long-awaited rest. And the fragments that remain of God’s heritage of life to you shall mean in gladsome days to come, more than all the vanished years that are crooning their said lament in your innermost soul tonight.

We are but a device on a musical instrument that reduces the tone till the Master touches the keys to bring forth the Divine pulse. There is no better day than to-day to begin over again. It is the greatest day of your life with new opportunities awaiting you. Do not allow past failures to blemish this year, but go forward and win!