About Us

Inception of ACA, Perambur Ministries

Pastor Adam Samuel and his wife received the full-time ministerial call from the Lord in the year 1992 when they were in Calcutta. They were waiting upon the Lord for a place of mission. The Lord gave them a vision for Perambur, Chennai. At that time, he was working for the Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Government of India in Calcutta. In obedience to the divine call, he resigned his job and came to Chennai to pioneer a Church ministry in Perambur. With the aid of the Holy Spirit and under the guidance of Pastor Sam Sundaram, the Chief Pastor of the Apostolic Christian Assembly, Chennai, a branch Church was started in a thatched shed with 4 members (Two Anglo-Indian families) in Perambur, Chennai. Later the Church was moved to No.9 Park Street, Agaram on the open terrace of a believer. After two years, the shed was burnt down by some anti-social elements and they sustained a heavy loss. They lost all the chairs, fans and other electrical fixtures. But God spoke to them and said that everything works together for good. That very same week, the Church was moved to another shed in Watkins Street, Perambur. God had a plan to add some more souls from that area.

After two years, they were asked to vacate that place. Not knowing where to go, they left no stone unturned in search of a worship place. They started to fast and pray and to seek the Lord for a place of worship. Miraculously and providentially, the good Lord gave them a own place (land measuring 2800 Sq. Ft) in which they constructed the ground floor in faith. God wonderfully provided the needed finances. Without any loan, God enabled them to complete the ground floor. The Lord also added souls in large numbers and the ground floor was not able to accommodate the people. They again started building the first floor and the second floor. And graciously God is adding souls in large numbers. Now the whole place is packed with people. Many people who come there are delivered and healed and God’s Name is glorified. Now they have two services on Sundays and a bilingual service on Sunday evenings. Since the ministry is rapidly growing, now they are in a dire need of a large place of worship. They are praying and seeking the Lord to provide them the needed finances for a larger place of worship in Perambur, Chennai.