A teacher asked her students if a beaker filled with small stones was full. When they said yes, she took a glass of water and poured it into the beaker until it overflowed. Again she asked if the beaker was full. When the students hesitantly agreed that it was, the teacher took a salt shaker and dissolved quite a large quantity of salt in the water. So it is with the blessings of Jesus Christ which Paul called ‘The unsearchable riches of Christ.'(Ephesians 3:8). God’s blessings are endless. Each new day brings new discoveries. We can never dig the depths or scale the heights of God’s blessings.

Lewis Sperry lists thirty-three things the believer receives by the grace of God as a result of his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He calls these “The riches of divine grace.”  Our inability to exhaust the grace of God and the blessings of Christ is because of God’s infinity. Trying to exhaust His grace is like attempting to pour the infinite into the finite.  It is like trying to empty the ocean with a tea cup; it is impossible.

When  Apostle Paul however wrote about his desire to visit Rome and to minister to the Christians there, he wanted to come in the full measure of the blessing of Christ. (Romans 15:29). He was confident that he would so come. As you minister to others, this is no doubt that you desire as well. How can we be as confident as Paul that our ministry will provide, ‘The full measure of the blessing of Christ?’ We need to be a conduit not just a container. A container can hold only so much, but a conduit can continue to receive because it passes on what it receives.

Grace is God’s special favour freely given to undeserving people. C.H. Spurgeon tells of an occasion when he was riding home one evening after a heavy day’s work and feeling very weary and depressed until the verse “My grace is sufficient for thee,” came to him. He immediately compared himself to a little fish in the Thames, apprehensive lest, drinking so many pints of water in the river each day, it might drink the Thames dry and hearing Father Thames say to it, “Drink away little fish, my stream is sufficient for thee.” Then he thought of a little mouse in the granaries of Joseph in Egypt, afraid lest it might – by daily consumption of the corn it needed- exhaust the supplies and starve to death; when Joseph came along and sensing its fear said, “Cheer up, little mouse, my granaries are sufficient for thee.”  Or again he thought of himself as a man climbing some high mountain to reach its lofty summit, and dreading lest he might exhaust all the oxygen in the atmosphere, when the Creator Himself said, “Breathe away, o man and fill thy lungs ever; my atmosphere is sufficient for thee.” After hearing this, Spurgeon was encouraged.

Pass on the full measure of the blessings of Christ to others. D.L. Moody was once stirred up in the preparation of his sermon on Grace, he left the study, strode out into the street and accosted the first man he met with an abrupt enquiry; “Do you know what Grace is?” The man happened to be a policeman on duty and the question and earnestness of Moody broke him down and he was converted. Moody exerted such power over audiences and he was really a conduit!