The rush is spongy and hollow plant and even so is a hypocrite; there is no substance or stability in him. It is shaken to and fro in every wind just as formalists yield to every influence; for this reason the rush is not broken by the tempest, neither are hypocrites troubled with persecution. I would not willingly be a deceiver or be deceived; perhaps the text for this month may help me to try myself whether I be a hypocrite or no. The rush by nature lives in water, owes its very existence to the mire and moisture wherein it has taken root. If the mire becomes dry, the rush withers very quickly. Its greenness is absolutely dependent upon circumstances, a present abundance of water makes it flourish and a drought destroys it at once.

Is this your case? Do you only serve God when you are in good company, or when religion is profitable and respectable? Do you love the Lord only when temporal comforts are received from His hands? If so, you are a base hypocrite and like the withering rush, you shall perish when death deprives you of outward joys. But can you honestly assert that when bodily comforts have been few and your surroundings have been rather adverse to grace, are you still holding fast to your integrity? The rush cannot grow without mire but the Lord’s right hand planting can flourish even in the year of drought.

The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree; he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon (Psalm 92:12). The Psalmist here contrasts the life of the righteous with that of the worldly. The palm is luxurious and lovely and would grow where others would not. Those that be planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God. A godly man often grows best when his worldly circumstances decay. He who follows Christ for his bag is a Judas; they who follow for loaves and fishes are the children of the world, but they who attend to Him out of love to Himself are His own beloved ones.

You would not scramble five good eggs and one rotten egg and serve the mixture to the guests, expecting it to be acceptable. Even less can you serve up to God a life that has the good things in it tainted with deeds and thoughts that are rotten and expect it to be acceptable to God. A man once said to D.L Moody, “Now that I am converted, must I give up the world?” “No” answered the Evangelist, “You need not give up the world, if you give a ringing testimony- a separated life from the world for the Son of God, the world will give you up pretty quickly. They will not want you around.” Lord, let me find my life in Thee, and not in the mire of this world’s favour and gain.