Spice for Spouse

Marriage – A Mystery

Through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Church came into existence. Between the Church and Jesus Christ there exists a bond of love more holy, tender and firm than any which ever existed between God and man. In Christianity there is set before man and wife the task of representing upon Earth the image of […]


The trials of our faith are like God’s ironing. When the heat of trials is applied to our lives the wrinkles of spiritual immaturity begin to be smoothed out. It is always good to attend church or Bible study and sit and soak up the truth of God’s word like a sponge. But we must […]


The Seagull is a popular subject for photography and it is easy to see why people like this figure. A seagull exults in freedom. When flying alone, he thrusts his wings back with powerful strokes. Climbs higher and higher and then swoops down in majestic loops and circles. In a flock though, the seagull is […]

God’s Order For The Family

Bonhoeffer setting in a Nazi prison cell once wrote a wedding sermon for a niece who was about to be married. In it he said,”Marriage is more than your love for each other. It has a higher dignity and power, for it is God’s holy ordinance through which he wells to perpetuate the human race […]

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