“We are more than conquerors through Him that loved us” (Romans 8:37)

            Many women believe that if only their circumstances were different, then they would be different or they would act differently or they would be happier. What they are really saying is, that they are victims of their circumstances, that they are powerless to control what they say or do. Your circumstances do not make you what you are. They merely reveal what you are. We may not be able to control our circumstances but by God’s grace, we can choose how to respond to our circumstances.

Jesus never promised an easy life. The scriptures teach that it is impossible to suffer like Jesus without holiness. A redemptive sanctifying fruit cannot be produced in our lives apart from suffering.Peter goes so far as to insist suffering is our calling, not just for some select group of christians or martyrs but for every child of God. Your circumstances will change! You can pray for God to intervene, but you must be patient when He does not act as quickly as you would like. You must trust, obey, hope and persevere even as you await His answers. You  must set your eyes to Heaven!

Satan  deceives many people to give up and say you just can’t take it anymore so you believe that God has placed too much in your lives.God promises however that His grace is sufficeient to help in your weakness. Dear child of God, your Heavenly Father will never lead you anywhere that His grace will not sustain you. He will never place more upon you than you will be able to bear. Look ahead to that day when all suffering will be over. We have been deceived into beleiving that we would be happier if we had a different set of circumstances. The truth is, if we are not content within our present circumstances, we are not likely to be happy in any other set of circumstances.

Take courage. Your pain may be physical afflicition, memories of guilt, a troubled marriage or a heart broken by a wayward child. But it will not last forever.

A godly man once met a lady who was severely depressed by a series of disheartening events. When asked how she was weathering the storm of adversity, she answered, ” I am managing , under the circumstances”. He replied kindly yet firmly, “ You’ll never make it that way. Get above the circumstances- that’s where Jesus waits to help and strengthen you.” She took his wise admonition as a word from Heaven and laying aside her sadness and self-pity, she began to praise the Lord.You can no more blame the circumstances for your character than you can blame the mirror for your looks.

Lord , I confess that I often let my circumstances control my attitudes and my responses. I want to be controlled by your Spirit. Please help me to trust in you regardless of what is going on around me, and to learn to rejoice and be content in every circumstance.