I write this testimony in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost who created and saved me. My name is S.Gunalan. I am from Pattamandri Village, Ponneri Taluk, Thiruvallur District. I am the first born in my family and lived an orthodox Hindu life. I used to visit Hindu temples and worshipped idols. I believed that only those idols led my family. So I used to give materials, money and hair as offering.

            Inspite of all this, there was no peace in my family. My business ran into financial debts. I would buy jewels for my wife but it would not stay for long. We would either mortgage or sell them because of debts. There was no one to help me. Some of my wife’s relatives are Christians. She would ask them to pray. They would also pray and the debts would get cleared to a certain extent. I thought that this debt was cleared because of my belief in my Hindu gods. I would worship and shave my head. Thus was my life.

            I used to make fun of the Christians. One day, I went to my aunty’s place where a sister was praying. She prayed for me and my wife. She challenged me saying, “Brother, you will take up this Bible and serve the LORD one day”. But I laughed within me and said, “Surely, I will never do this.”Days passed by and I still visited the Hindu temples.

            It was my usual practice every month to go on a pilgrimage to the temple at Thiruvannamalai on a full moon night to walk around it. On one occasion, while I was on my way to the temple, a little girl fell in front of my car and there was an accident. Her leg was broken and I was taken to the police station. Inspite of all this I wanted to go to the temple. But was unable to go,  I did not  repent.

After a few days, I went to work as usual but I felt dizzy and fell down. Lot of changes took place in my body. I suffered with pain in my head, neck and hip, and blood pressure was not normal. Fear of death  tormented me. I used to mourn thinking about my wife and my two boys. A fear that I would die leaving them caught hold of me. Many people prayed and told me about the truth. But I hardened my heart. They also gave me a Bible, because of my fear I used keep the Bible near my pillow. But I never read the Bible.

I still continued to visit many temples along with my friends to pray for me and my family’s welfare. But there was no change in my body. My wife who had become a secret Christian used to pray along with her sister. She used to go to Church and pray with fasting. After a few days, my health condition became bad and I was admitted in the hospital. Doctors told me that the nerve and the bone in my neck had worn out. Scan, X-Ray, ECG and all other tests were conducted but all proved negative. The fear and horror did not leave me. I had no proper sleep.

 It was at this moment in my life that the parishioners of ACA Perambur and the Church where my relatives fellowship prayed for me, my eyes of understanding were opened. I opened up my heart fully to the Lord Jesus Christ. He delivered me completely. I am waiting for the fulfilment of the prophecy in my life which the Lord had given me. I was roaming aimlessly but now the LORD has enabled me to obey Him in the waters of baptism and filled me with the Holy Ghost and has named me Paul.  He has made me to stand for which I am thankful to God.  I am also grateful to the Holy Spirit who is leading me every step of the way.

  –           Brother Paul Gunalan