Praise the LORD! Manifold are God’s miracles and works of His power in me who was a sinner. I was born in a staunch Hindu family and worshipped idols. But the LORD Jesus Christ chose to separate and deliver me from those idols according to the verse that God has set apart the Godly for Himself. Since my childhood, I used to worship many idols that are but stones. As I grew up I looked exactly like a goddess.

At the age of 20, I joined as a temporary employee in a Hindu management school, where the majority of the teachers were Christians. Here the teachers told me about Jesus and prayed for me. At that time, the Headmistress called me to her home and asked me to teach her daughter. I was moved to see her bed-ridden daughter. She asked me to teach her daughter both Tamil and English. She  gave me an Old Testament  and asked me to teach her the Bible. I have not seen a Bible before. After beginning to teach the Scriptures to her daughter, I began to feel a great change in me. With more interest, I learnt the Holy Bible and taught that child. At this juncture, my parents fixed my marriage. Few days before marriage, two sisters who did ministry came to my home to pray for me. They said, “The man you are going to marry is the one chosen by Jesus.” After that day I have not seen them.

After my marriage, my husband told me that he knew Jesus only. He said that he would worship Him only. He also told me not to involve him in idol worship. I felt really worried after hearing those words. After that I did not interfere with his religious faith. Ten years passed like this. In 2001, my husband earnestly and continuously prayed that we should accept the LORD Jesus as our Saviour. After hearing this, I got very angry and began to involve myself more in idol worship. But deep down in my heart, I began to seek Jesus and His love. My heart became more burdened.

At this juncture, a sister from A.C.A.  Perambur Ministries came to reside on the top floor of our residence. She told me about the love of Jesus and prayed for me earnestly. Slowly I began to come out of idolatry. I packed all the idols and threw it away. I accepted the LORD Jesus Christ. I confessed my sins and took baptism. Now I cling on to the feet of my Saviour.  I am experiencing God’s glory and power every moment of the day.

Moreover, the Lord led me to a good Church and gave me the Pastor and his family. Here the LORD strengthened, established and settled my spiritual life through them. Now I have tremendous peace of mind and am living only for the LORD. I am willing to die as a martyr. As you read this testimony, accept Jesus as your Saviour and taste of His love and mercy. Live only for Jesus. Tell about His love to those who do not know Him. The Lord is good. Victory in the blood of Jesus. Amen! Hallelujah!

                                                                       Sis. Lydia Prince