I am over joyed to share with you about how the Lord delivered me from the clutches of the devil which had me bound for several years.  It all started at a very young age. I was born in a good Christian family but never had time for God and the things of God, neither was I interested to know about God. When I was eleven years old I used to join friends, smoke cigarettes and was never regular to school. I lived a very sinful life and I was very far away from God.

My father worked in the Public Works Department. One day, he fell ill and eventually passed away. His passing away was a great blow to the family financially and emotionally.  He was the sole bread winner of the family.  God graciously intervened in spite of my unfaithfulness. I was given my father’s job on compassionate grounds when I was eighteen years old.  It was at this time that I got involved with a group of friends who were addicted to drugs and they had a very bad influence in my life and I became addicted to drugs. My life style changed.

I was not regular to work because of my drug addiction. As a result I lost my job in just three years. This put my family into financial trouble, my mother was very upset as I had lost a good government job but she still loved me. With no money to buy my drugs I began to steal things from the home and sell it to buy my drugs. I started cheating people just to get money to buy my drugs which I could not live without. It did not matter to me to what level I went to, my only craving was the drugs to which I was addicted to. I did not care for my family members. I no longer loved nor cared for them.

My drug life intensified and as a result I was thrown out of my home. I lived on the streets, slept on the pavements, railway stations, cemeteries and Church compounds. Since I had no money to buy my drugs I would sell my blood in hospital blood banks to get money for my drugs, my life was miserable. I was on many occasions picked up by the police on suspicion charges and spent my nights in the police lock up. I was given up by everybody till the God for whom I had no time, intervened in my life.

I attended a Christian meeting one day out of curiosity. It was in that meeting that the hand of God touched me, the presence of God filled me and the love of God flooded my soul. I was convicted of my sinful life and I cried out to God for mercy. That day, I repented of my sins and committed my life to Jesus Christ. I was instantaneously delivered from my drug addiction, the things that kept me bound were broken that very moment. I felt as if a heavy load had been taken off me, I felt so light and experienced a peace which I had never experienced in my life. Today, God has turned my life which was a mess into a message that I share with people who are in bondage that I was once in, through songs and music. I give all the glory and honor only to the Lord Jesus Christ.

“Therefore if any man  be in Christ,  he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new”  (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Bro. Elvis Hurley.