Salvation is God’s mercy to the unworthy. Yes, it did find me in my desperateness. Out of nowhere, a tragedy struck our family. All of a sudden, I lost my younger brother who was just 18years when I was 21years. He was the best friend I ever had in my life.  My parents were inconsolable; there were only tears and weeping all through the day. Loneliness crept into my life, because our loved ones will not always be at our side to wipe our tears.

            But I met Jesus and a new relationship began. He was there when I felt lonely. He was there when I needed a friend. He blessed my studies and the work of my hands. But I was still the same proud catholic, with no intention to leave the pleasures of the world. I wanted Jesus, I wanted the world too. My dad was a born again believer fellowshipping at ACA Perambur Ministries while the rest of the family remained as Catholics.

            One Sunday evening, my dad invited me for the bible study “Through the Bible” where I could learn the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. That day I accompanied him to the Church. For the first time I felt God’s presence and God’s Word came  as if  someone was reading my mind which had so many questions and answering them from the pulpit. The Church fellowship was completely different from what I knew.  God’s Word was irresistible. I could not get it out of my mind. Soon I started to wait for Sundays to attend the Bible Study. I was so excited to know what God would speak from the pulpit. I started attending Youth Meetings. God started working in me through His Word. I used to watch movies, practiced  bharata natyam dance for 13 years and yoga but God showed me it was demonic and graciously brought me out of it. God blessed me with a good life partner from the same Church and my parents got back their son in him. Only Jesus can change nothingness to blessedness.

Betsy Samson.