As I began my grade 10 in April 2012, I developed an abscess on my back which gave me excruciating pain. I underwent a surgery in Qatar, where I studied and lived with my parents. However, God gave me the grace to complete my grade 10 and score all A1 grades.

In 2013, I came to India along with my mother to do my grade 11 and 12. After 3 months, I again developed severe pain and was operated in India in October 2013. My health worsened and another abscess had formed. In February 2014, I was operated again for the third time. Due to my poor health condition, I was irregular to school. My parents were now worried as I was moving into grade 12, hence their concern for my Board Examination was great. My problem still persisted and for the fourth time, I was operated in July 2014. By now, we felt totally shattered as a family.

The doctors had no hope for my condition. But we believed God for a miracle. Jesus blessed me in the midst of all this to complete my grade 12 and score 94 %, all glory to God! After my Board Exams, when I had gone for a check -up, the scan showed the abscess again. By now, I had joined the Apostolic Christian Assembly at Perambur and the Pastor came over to pray for me. As he prayed, God touched me and healed me.

Praise God for His mighty Hand of healing in my life. I am now rejoicing, as the Lord uses me for His Glory as a saxophonist in the Church. Hallelujah!

WarrenMark White