Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I believe that this testimony will be a blessing for His (Jesus) Glory.

            I was born in a Christian (C.S.I.) home, and took part in Church activities, but never experienced the love of Christ. I was employed  in the Southern Railway and did unwanted things like drinking, smoking, gambling, etc. On 10th March 1983, while I was on the night shift, I had a “Blackout” and was severely injured beyond recognition and could not be recognized by my own family members. I was admitted in the Government General Hospital. Both my hands were fractured. My left leg was operated and a steel plate was inserted in my hip. My brother-in-law, Mervin Kilpatrick, a Preacher, prayed and shared the gospel continually with me, but my pride kept me back. When I was well, I continued in my bad habits. When I went back to work, I developed problems with both my hands and they started clawing (Hansen’s disease). I was reported as sick and had all my fingers operated. This unusual symptom had affected my mind and I started drinking heavily. Due to this I did not follow up my sick report or even communicate with my superiors, as a result I was removed from my Railway service.

            I married Tina Terry in the year 1990. She was and is my backbone. In the year 1992, we began to attend “Grace Tabernacle Church.” Pastor (late) Julius Felix was the Pastor at that time. The brothers Noel Hopman, Dean Terry and  Sam were an inspiration and  blessing to me. I then realized that Jesus was my Saviour,  and now I have hope of eternal life. I was convicted of my sins, repented and was water baptized on 18-10-1992.  I felt so light, free and peaceful after that. It was a new experience for me. I started reading the Bible, and the Lord spoke to me through His word in Ephesians.2:4:“God, who is rich in mercy , for His great love wherewith  He loved us.” My conversion raised many eyebrows, saying how come this man is saved? This never affected me. “I cried unto thee, O LORD: I said, Thou art my refuge and my portion in the land of the living”(Psalm 142:5).

            I was without a permanent job, and it was difficult to manage the family. I have a prayerful wife and three lovely children. I worked in a Courier company and I would have to cycle all day. When I returned from work, I would be so tired, but the Lord’s presence used to strengthen me. At times while working, I used to get afraid, but the Lord’s presence would encourage me.

            Later in the year 1996 we attended A. C. A. Perambur Ministries. When I met Pastor Adam Samuel and Pastor Jackson, they were so humble, loving and treated us as one of their own family members. I explained to Pastor Adam about my Railway job and he encouraged me  to apply, with the help of Mr. P. K .D. Lee and uncle Ronnie Wills (late). I applied for my reinstatement. I handed a copy to  Pastor Adam to pray for it. Jesus Christ did a mighty miracle and restored to me the Railway job. I was reinstated on 08/03/2004. We really enjoy the Church Fellowship because it is a “Household of Faith.”

                                                                                                                                      – Brother Ivan Wills.