May the Name of the LORD be glorified! According to the words of the LORD Jesus: “No man comes to the Father except through Me,” God chose me from a Hindu family. God performed many miracles in my life. We worshipped idols and lived a wealthy life. When I was 17 years old, the doctors told us that my only eldest brother had blood cancer. This was a great shock to us. My whole family sunk in deep despair and darkness. Not knowing what to do, we sought to the Hindu temples. But still there was no improvement. My brother died.

We lost our wealth. The family suffered many difficulties. I discontinued my studies and started to work. Since I could not get full time work, I went for a part-time work. I met three young people in the work spot. They shared the good news about Jesus and took me to the Church. I argued that all gods are one god. I believed that Jesus was one among all gods. After some time the darkness began to prevail over me again. A tumour began to grow in my father’s brain. Because of this, I became disgusted thinking that there are no gods. As I was mourning over the family burdens, those three friends in my work spot came up to me and enquired about my problems. They gave me a Bible and asked me to read it. They said that the Lord would speak to me and save my family. They visited my father in the hospital, shared the gospel with him and prayed for him. The day for my father’s operation was fixed.

When I was alone at home, I began to read the Bible, I felt God speaking to me. I have never heard God speaking. I have read in the books and heard that God spoke only to sages. I knew that Jesus died for my sins. At that time, when I read the passage that Jesus laid His hand on a deaf man and said “Ephphatha” which is interpreted as “Be opened,” and in that instant my eyes were opened. I removed all the idols. The LORD began to speak to me as I continued to read the Word. I read with tears. I felt the LORD touching me. The LORD knew me even when I was in my mother’s womb. Since then I surrendered my life to God. I told my friends as to how the LORD touched and made me His child. They said that they got saved in the same way. God is good!

We prayed for my father. The doctors told us that there was only 10% survival rate after the operation of my father. But God did a miracle. The operation was successfully completed in four hours. They said that they removed 80% of the tumor. My father who was in the Intensive Critical Care Unit began to walk the very next day. This was a shock to all others in that ward, because it takes three to four days for a person to come out of sedation. They wondered, how this could happen. The doctors took my father for a checkup. The doctors who checked up my father said that it was a miracle. But I knew that it was Jesus who did that miracle. I got a promotion in the place where I worked. God exalted me. I found favour in the sight of the Lord. I was lonely. The LORD gave me a good spiritual girl as a marriage partner. God is good! My wife and I attend a good spiritual Church. The Lord alone leads my family. I thank God for all the grace He has bestowed upon me. Amen!

Brother R. Daniel Dinesh