I was brought up in a Roman Catholic background. But in 1987, my marriage was conducted according to the Hindu rituals. After that, I left my uncle’s home and took up a separate house. I got completely immersed in darkness. At that time, few Christians gave me a Gospel Tract. I received it from them, tore it, crushed it and threw it on their faces. A few evangelists used to visit my home. I used to beat and drive them away. Later, I entered into politics and because of that I encountered a lot of problems. I became addicted to alcohol and I used to get into fights in my neighbourhood.

I was working in a shoe company at Red hills. One of my colleagues got converted to Christianity and I used to beat and torment him. In a short time, the LORD Jesus touched my wife. She did not disclose this to me as she was afraid. Without my knowledge, my wife would listen to God’s Word through audio tapes while she worked in the kitchen. Within a short span of time, my uncle Bro. Vedasagayam and my sister Sis. Vasantha’s family got saved. Through them, my daughter, Sangeetha and my son, Satheesh attended Vacation Bible School. The LORD Jesus touched them too. After that, I got more involved in idol worship. My daughter, Sangeetha and son, Satheesh refused to come into the house. I used to compel my wife to get involved in the Poojas. My uncle and sister got really worried about me. One day, our Pastor visited the house of my uncle. I applied a lot of tilak on my forehead and stood before them. My uncle told our Pastor to pray for my salvation. Our Pastor said, “Surely Jesus will save him.” I laughed and made fun on hearing it. After that, I began to visit the temple at Tirupathi  and other Hindu temples very often.

One day, I applied a tilak on my forehead and looked in the mirror. It had vanished on its own. Again I applied some more tilak on my forehead and even that vanished away.  This happened for nearly two months and I thought that a miracle had taken place. Sometime later, because of me, there were a lot of problems in my family.  I could not escape from them. My two children would ask the Church members to pray for my salvation. Through my uncle and sister, my family got counsel from our Pastor, and later we got saved as a family. After our salvation, we suffered for the first six months. We had to sell all the household articles just to have our daily food. The LORD made us to start from the zero level. I got a job in a good hotel. My wife also got a job. After that, through the Church fellowship, our eldest daughter, Saranya got married. The LORD has given us a good son-in-law. My daughter, Sangeetha and son, Satheesh too got good jobs. Today, there is no lack in our home. God has blessed us with all that we need. The Lord has taken me from  zero and exalted me step by step. Moreover, in the place where I work, the LORD has graciously helped me to live a holy, testimonial life and helped me to conduct myself in a way so that no one could find any fault with me. He gave me the grace to carry out my duties in a disciplined manner. I give thanks to the LORD who has delivered me from spiritual darkness and my addiction to alcohol. He has also blessed me with many blessings, and enabled me by His grace to live a holy life. I ascribe thousands of praises to my God.

“I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul shall be joyful in my God; for He hath clothed me with the garments of salvation, he hath covered me with the robe of righteousness.” (Isaiah 61:10)

– Brother V. John Ravi