I was born in a Hindu family and worshipped idols. We were five brothers and one sister. My father died of an heart attack. So I had to start working from a very young age. I am an electrician. My job was to provide sound service to the Hindu temples and programs. A servant of God named Gnanaprakasam, who resided opposite my house, used to conduct prayer meetings, which irritated me a lot. Immediately, I would play Hindu songs very loudly and make fun of their prayers. Even then they would not say anything. This act of patience attracted me to the LORD Jesus Christ. I started attending their prayer meetings.

            After that, I continued to provide sound service to the idols. At this juncture, I was asked to do some electrical work in our Church and in our Pastor’s house. I did the work but did not know Jesus Christ. Wherever I went for work, there were people who knew about Jesus Christ and they would talk to me about Jesus. By this I knew that the LORD was watching over me. A Catholic girl was seen and my marriage was fixed. I felt that somehow the LORD was coming after me. My wife’s people asked me to become a Christian and take baptism. I felt that the LORD has chosen me and I became a Christian. Since I was the eldest son, some of my family members opposed it. In spite of all the opposition I faced, I took baptism in Perambur Catholic Church before my marriage. After that I got married according to the Catholic tradition in 2004.

            In 2005, my daughter, Lysia was born. After marriage, we attended the Catholic Church for five years. I found no difference between the Hindu temple and the Catholic Church. Wherever I worked, somebody would tell me about the LORD. I had become a Christian and I did not understand why they wanted me to become a Christian again. As days went by, there were problems in my family, because I did not have a proper job. So my wife began to work. I became really depressed. A servant of God from A.C.A. Perambur invited me to the Church. I went to Church and I felt the LORD speaking to me. I started attending the Church regularly. But my daughter and wife continued to attend the Catholic Church.

            At that time, our Pastor prayed for my wife and daughter. The LORD who heard our prayers graciously first granted grace to my daughter and then to my wife to attend the Church along with me. My wife took baptism on 20.04.2011. We attended the Church as a family. Then our Pastor asked me to take care of the P.A. System in the Church. Through our Pastor, the LORD spoke to me, the one who used to play Hindu songs against the LORD saying, “My son! You shall play the audio songs in the Church for Me.” This was really a surprise to me. When we started to fellowship in the Church, immediately many problems arose in our family.

            One day, my wife poured kerosene upon herself. Another day, she left the home. There arose a question within us, “When we were Hindus and Catholics, we did not have any problem, but why should we have these problems after fully accepting the Lord and also coming into ministry in such a short time?” The LORD said, “My Son! Come out of your mother’s home.” Only then we understood that when we were in our mother’s home, we ate the food that was offered to idols. After consulting with the Pastor, we decided to live separately. I hesitated because I had no proper job, but the LORD spoke to me, “It is I who has called you. I will not fail you.” By the grace of God, there has been a tremendous change in our family. The LORD has granted us a rent free house. If anyone has spoken unwanted words to you, pray for them. The LORD who touched me will also touch them. In my youth, I played songs against the LORD, but now I play audio songs in the Church. “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever” (Psalm 23:6)

–           Brother Paul Vijayabaskar