Praise be to God! I belonged to a Catholic family. Before my marriage, occasionally I used to drink alcohol. In our marital life, we encountered some problems and we were separated for a few months and were reunited because of God’s predestination. My wife went to Velankanni and  she walked one kilometer on her knees to the Church. Even then there was no blessing in our lives. I worked in the Erection Department in Johnson lifts. Although I drew a high salary, the situation in the family forced me to borrow money which disturbed the family peace. As I could not repay the loan I had taken for our marriage, I had to mortgage my wife’s jewels.

Meanwhile, my wife was tormented by witchcraft. So, we took up a separate house. We looked for solutions everywhere but only ended up in exhaustion and distress of mind. Since I wanted to end the problem of debt, I left my job and went into real estate, but it was fruitless. During this time, my friend’s wife used to take my wife to the Church for the Thursday Prayer Fellowship and Sunday Worship Service. One day the evil spirit in my wife began to manifest. I did not know what to do, so I called my friend Stephen Bakiaraj. He took us to Pastor’s house. Our Pastor lovingly listened to our problems and then prayed for us with burden. Pastor and Sister asked me to bring my wife to the Church. They fervently prayed for her and with God’s help, she was delivered from all the works of the evil one.  According to God’s counsel, we removed all the idols and images from our home. The LORD granted a perfect deliverance for my wife which no man could give.

We came to know the living God and believed in Him. We began attending the Church. We accepted the Lord and as husband and wife, we took Baptism in June 2014. Our relatives and friends made fun of us and rejected us but we were not troubled. When we wanted to minister to the LORD, God put me in the Choir Ministry and my wife in the Sunday School Ministry. When I sought God’s counsel regarding the Real Estate business, God counselled me that I should eat the labour of my hands. God granted me a job as a Sales Supervisor in a private elevator company. Then He gave me a job in a better company and prospered that company. His Presence guided me and exalted me. My salary was raised from Rs.13,000/- to Rs.30,000/-

Whenever I did not know a thing, I asked the Lord and the LORD wonderfully taught me and used me beyond my imagination. He helped me to draw lift erection maps which even the learned engineers could not do. Every day, He leads us according to His master plan for our lives. He also uses us in the Home Makers’ Team Ministry in the Church. The Lord enabled me to start my own elevator company named ‘Rehoboth Elevators,’ after we sought Godly counsel. The LORD showed a partner who knew about this job. We both started the work with prayer. God is blessing all our endeavors.

More than all, the salvation that God has given me is priceless. God mended our broken lives. Even though we were unworthy, He called us. He has given us good spiritual fellowship. He has given us a good spiritual father and mother. He has been leading us as the apple of His eye. When we think about all these things, we cannot but shed tears. May God grant this joy of salvation that we have experienced to our family members. May the LORD also bless you as you read this testimony.

“The LORD shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath”    (Deuteronomy 28:13).

                                                       Brother Jude Vincent