Lennie Fisher is an Irishman. As a member of the Security Forces in Northern Ireland, he had been fighting Terrorism since he was nineteen. He was also involved in the construction of tall buildings in cities like London and New York. In 2011, a group from China wanted to see his projects with a view to ask Lennie and his partner to replicate them in Shanghai. Lennie was in London, and agreed to meet that group in early September in New York. Lennie flew into Florida on September 5th with an associate from China to prepare for the forth coming meeting, but on September 7th, he called his partner, Jake, in New York to arrange for a meeting with the delegates from China. They decided that their breakfast meeting would be held in the Twin Towers on Tuesday, 11th September. Miss Sun, the Chinese delegate, and Lennie were to arrive on the evening of 10th to be prepared for the meeting.

         Lennie fell ill prior to the day of the meeting and had to cancel the meeting. His throat was badly swollen and he was unable to speak. He tried to get some medicine, but was refused because he had no prescription. This meeting was very important as it was worth many millions of dollars. When he told Miss Sun that he was going to postpone the meeting because he was ill, she was shocked at the decision that Lennie had taken in cancelling the meeting considering the money that was involved in the project. Lennie had been walking around with his children and he did not look sick. But Lennie was sure for some reason that God did not want him to proceed with the meeting that day. He was not going to the Twin Towers on September 11th for breakfast.

          Lennie was a Godly man and had a close intimate relationship with the Lord. He felt that the Lord had a far better plan for him. He knew that the Lord was in perfect control of his life and gladly yielded to the leading of the Lord. He called his partner on the 9th September and told him to postpone the meeting until he could give him a new date. The next day when Miss Sun came to see him, he had no sore throat and was completely well without taking any medication. Lennie and Miss Sun went for breakfast at a Hotel in Fort Lauderdale just north of Miami. At breakfast they sat just beside a big TV. Lennie usually never watches the television because he believes that there is nothing good to watch in it. At home, it was just video for the kids. So for him to see live news was a very slim chance. However, right beside them the television was broadcasting the news of the devastation of the Twin Towers and the massive loss of lives. Everyone in the Hotel was shocked, and Miss Sun was clearly shaken, knowing that they had come so close to being there.

         Lennie’s partner and the group from China called to thank him. They believed that it was God who had divinely stopped the meeting and as a result all their lives had been saved. For Lennie, it was another time to say, “Thank you, Lord.” As they sat spell bound, they watched that great nation of America closing down all shops and businesses. All flights and transportation had stopped and the entire nation was in mourning. But Lennie was thankful within his heart that God had been mindful of him and spared his life and the lives of the foreign delegates. Lennie learnt a very valuable lesson that day that God was so concerned about him. Though the meeting had to be  cancelled but God had spared his life and everyone with him.

“Oh how great is Thy goodness, which Thou hast laid up for them that fear Thee; which Thou hast wrought for them that trust in Thee before the sons of men” 

(Psalm 31:19).