The Seagull is a popular subject for photography and it is easy to see why people like this figure. A seagull exults in freedom. When flying alone, he thrusts his wings back with powerful strokes. Climbs higher and higher and then swoops down in majestic loops and circles. In a flock though, the seagull is a different bird. His majesty dissolves into in-fights and cruelty. Concepts of sharing and manners do not seem to exist among gulls. They are fiercely competitive and jealous. If you tie a ribbon around the leg of a gull making him stand out from the rest, you sentence him to death. The other gulls in the flock will furiously attack him with claws and beaks thus bleeding to death. But if you consider the wild goose, the V-formation they use in flying enables them to fly with more ease and speed. The easiest flight is experienced in the two rear sections of the formation and the stronger geese permit the young weak and older birds to occupy these positions. It is also probable that the constant honking encourages the weaker geese.

The seagull teaches us to break loose and fly alone, but the wild goose teaches us to fly in a ‘family’. We can fly further with our Christian family than we could ever fly alone and as we fly, our efforts constantly help others in our family. Our Lord is called the God of families. He established the first family of Adam and Eve by creating them. He is more concerned about the household. Noah constructed an ark for the saving of his household according to God’s plan. (Genesis 7:1). The Philippian jailer was saved together with his household (Acts 16:31). The instructions for the Passover- the great type of salvation- deliverance stipulated a lamb for a household (Exodus 12:3)

Each member in a Christian family at his own level of understanding and appropriation needs to experience the forgiveness, love and acceptance which God offers us in Christ. Hand in hand with the family’s experience of Jesus as Saviour goes the family’s commitment to Him as Lord. Jesus does not occupy the guest room but the throne room. Every discussion, activity, decision has its background – the fact that this thing involves not only family members but involves also Jesus- and He is our Lord. Two aspects of family life serve as helpful keys, opening the way for Jesus to exercise His Lordship over the breadth of the family’s life and activity. They involve a commitment of tow basic ingredients of our life, time and money.

Families discover a specific commitment of time for family worship which can have a transforming effect on everything that happens within the home. Christian family faces a simple choice. Will we call out to Jesus and ask him to take charge of our homes or will we keep straining away at the oars of man -made schemes, while the waves around us amount higher and higher? When we humble ourselves under the sovereign hand of God, He takes charge of our sense of personal worth, our quest for personal identity, our worries, warfare, and the spiritual struggle against the powers of darkness. He pays attention to the ultimate yearning of the heart, the most immediate pressure of circumstances, yet He never loses sight of the ultimate destiny which He has appointed for those whom He names as His own.