I come from a very staunch Catholic background. I thought I lived a good Christian life but I did not know Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour, till one day I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ and ever since then it has been a spirit filled experience.

In 2005, I joined the Airline Industry and started flying for an International Airline. God has been kind and always protective of me. As a flying crew, I have faced many situations all through my career but God protected me and my fellow crew members along with hundreds of passengers.

On June 3rd, 2016, I was scheduled to work on a flight to London. The take off, climb and cruise was going fine, about four hours into the flight when we were crossing the Afghanistan airspace and into Iran enroute to London Heathrow, we developed a technical problem. The left engine was indicating a power surge which means that the engine was spinning at abnormal speed.

The Captain followed procedures and tried restarting the engine thrice but all the attempts failed. By this time we had two choices, one to divert the flight or to continue to fly the rest of the distance with one engine working. After considering the weather, distance and the health of the one working engine it was decided to continue flying to Heathrow. Technically we could fly the aircraft with one engine for a maximum of three hours without encountering any major issues but stretching the engine for extra one and a half hours more would cause strain to the engine which was a major concern for us considering the human lives on the aircraft.

There was concern in the hearts of the entire crew members which could not be expressed openly to the passengers as it would result in chaos in the aircraft. It was at this point of time I took some time to talk to the Lord. I asked the Lord, “Is this my last flight?” Amidst the fear that was in me I felt the presence of God in a very special way and I heard a very audible voice speaking to me, “I have much more to do with you.” Having got this assurance from the Lord, there was no more doubting His faithfulness. I was able to handle the situation with confidence knowing that God was in perfect control of the aircraft and He would land the aircraft safely.

The only risk in this situation was that the excess fuel left over in the failed engine might catch fire upon landing due to the change in pressure and other natural causes which may trigger a spark. I was confident that this would not happen.

The aircraft was declared emergency and cleared to land in Heathrow, so we flew straight to the runway without any holding requirements. All incoming and outgoing flights were held back at Heathrow airport. All ground equipments like fire engines, ambulances and emergency services were summoned to meet the aircraft if there were any requirements while landing but I knew my God is Sovereign. We had a perfect touchdown; no fire, no commotion and alarm. God brought the aircraft safe to the stands without a single passenger knowing what had happened.

The love of our Lord towards His children is beyond our imagination. He always cares. He always protects and He is always present with us never to leave us alone. Today by this testimony I am glorifying our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who has saved my life to let His children know that “He ever liveth and careth for us.” Glory be to God.

Bro. Manoj Matthew