I was  born in a staunch Roman Catholic family.The Lord sought me and brought me out of the darkness that I had been living in for 58 long years. It was not by chance or by choice but by the mere will of God. I yielded to the Lord in obedience to His will and was baptized by immersion by Pastor Adam on 27th July 2014. Since then, I am a born again believer of the ACA Perambur Ministries, growing and being strengthened by the truth, which is in the scriptures.

            I have also been healed from suspected cancer. I developed a cyst under my right arm  which was not painful. But due to the fact that it was growing bigger, made me feel very uncomfortable and therefore I wanted it to be removed by surgery. The surgeon removed the cyst which is medically termed as lymph node on 27th Sept 2016. As a normal routine, the surgeon sent the cyst for a biopsy to the Apollo hospital.

            Meanwhile, I was asked to present myself for dressing every two days. On 4th October, 2016 as I went for my second dressing, I was greeted by the doctor with news that was rather shocking. I was told that the report of which was awaited, had come from the Apollo hospital and the findings of the result was that the cyst was malignant ( cancerous) of second stage in nature.

            I had taken a second opinion from another lab which was also the same as the first. Since cancer showed up in the lymph node, the doctor had to establish the initial stage of where the cancer had originated. It could have been the lungs, the throat or the other organs. So to find this out, I was requested to go through a series of tests in order for them to treat me accordingly.

            On one occasion, while I waited for a test, my mobile alerted me with a notification sound, as I have the Bible application installed on my phone which gives me daily Bible verses. This was my verse on that particular day Psalm 30:2 “I cried out to the Lord, my God and Thou has healed me.”

            Back and forth, I was constantly on my feet, going for various tests, such as full body scans, endoscopies, PET-CT scans etc. Amazingly every test I had taken came out negative. I had been to a cancer speciality hospital, where a panel of doctors discussed my case and came up with a solution that I must be operated. We decided against it, and it was here that my wife and I had come to the conclusion and taken a stand that this was a miracle and healing directly from God. Medical science proved that I had cancer but God said ‘NO!’

            I’m here to celebrate JESUS, for it is none other than HIM who has washed me with His precious Blood and made me every whit  whole. I believe that I am cancer free! Hallelujah!

I praise and thank my Jesus. To God alone be the glory

Because He lives, I know I  can face tomorrow!

“But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and  ye  shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall” (Malachi 4:2).

Brother Trevor LaRive.