God has been so merciful and gracious to me. He is the reason why I am living in this world. But for God’s grace I would have been dead. I would like to share my testimony of how God saved me from my dying bed and gave me a second life.  I was suffering with fever; my parents thought it was a normal fever. But the fever kept increasing. I had severe stomach pain. It was unbearable and the vomitting completely drained me out. I couldn’t walk or eat anything.

            Dad was at work. Mum rushed me to a nearby hospital, there I was on drip and they gave me all the possible medicines but it never worked.  The duty doctor asked us to take another test with a scan. The doctors confirmed and said that I had dengue. My mum got scared and the doctors also told her that my blood count level was 5000 and was dropping.  They finally said that I needed to be shifted to the ICU.

             Pastor and his wife visited me in the hospital and prayed for me earnestly and told me in faith that I am going to be okay. They assured me saying, that God will work out  a miracle! God said to me, “All is for Good”. The nurses didn’t know what to do because there was no blood. But God was with me! Then they had to give me blood, for my blood count to increase, even after that it increased only a little bit.

            Then my mum said that even one drop of Jesus’ Blood is enough to increase my blood level. She prayed in faith. And after that day when they took the blood test, my blood count increased massively and went up to 1,45,0000. I was only claiming the Blood of Jesus. I thank God for the miracle of my Lord Jesus, because all the doctors failed but my Lord Jesus never failed. He was with me and will  always be with me. Jehovah Rapha is my Healer.

Thank you Jesus! You made me live!

                                                                                  Rebecca Sullivan