family-ministry When husbands and wives love the Lord with all their hearts and each other with self-giving, affectionate creative and dynamic love, the home becomes a Cathedral of excellence, a temple of hope, and a sanctuary of joy. When our lives are “Hidden with Christ”, the family house becomes a house of faith and love where hope and humour go hand in hand. A house becomes a home when God is there, in Jesus Christ, reconciling the family and the world to God. The rules of the house are reverence, respect, responsibility, service, suffering and sacrifice. These only can transform a house into a home.

     The beauty of a home is harmony; the security of it is loyalty, joy of a home is love, the plenty of it is in children. The rule of a home is service, the comfort of a home is God Himself. Every bird loves its own nest. The owl thinks of the old ruins the best spot under the moon. The fox is of the opinion that his hole in the hills is remarkably cozy. The way home is the best bit of road in the country.

     When Henry Grady, the great Christian statesman made his first trip to Washington, he had a strange experience. He had looked forward to seeing the Nation’s capital Building Standing in a position where the imposing structure stood out in bold relief before his view, he experienced a great stirring of his emotions. Tears rolling down his face, he said, “So this is the home of the nation!” some time later, after returning to his home in Georgia, he had occasion to spend a night in a humble planter’s cottage on a plantation. Before retiring, the father called his family together and in the flickering light of a candle, read the scripture and knelt in prayer. It was a typical old family altar. Stirred again, Henry Grady said, “ I was mistaken about home of the nation being in Washington. That pita of marble, magnificent as it is not the home of the nation. The home of the nation is found in the dugout, the planter’s home, the cabin the cottage and everywhere where they teach the children to honour the Word of God and serve Jesus Christ it reveals”.

Happy family of three having fun outdoor.

     A husband was having temporary financial difficulties. He said to his wife, ‘Dear please cut down on expenditures, especially for clothes, until our finances improve.” Some days later the wife came home regaled in a beautiful new dress! Eying it with mingled feelings, he said, “It is surely pretty, but dear, I asked you not to buy any clothes for a while. Remember?” She replied, “ Yes dear, but when I was in the store I saw this lovely dress and satan tempted me! “Now, Honey, you know the Bible answer to such a situation. You should have said, “Get thee behind me, Satan!” Disarmingly, she replied, “ I did that dear, but when satan got behind me, he said that it looks beautiful from the back, too!”

Happy is the household when potentially explosive situations are defused and given a humorous turn!