This is no day to become just a lump of clay filled with depression and discouragement or suicidal thoughts. This is the day to live up to God’s expectancy for you.  Consider this: No scientific instrument is as sensitive to the light as a person’s eye. He can seelight from the stars and the nearest of all stars is 25 billion miles away!  The muscles of the eye relax so that the lens is small and thick for distant viewing or they stretch the lens to bring into focus.

Lawrence Galton stated: “Even though your brain will forget more than 90 percent of what you learn during your life time, it may still store up as much as ten times more information than 17 million volumes of library”.The human mind is compared to the computer. It is stated that scientists were asked to determine the size, the cooling system and the power required to perform electronically the same functions that are automatically accomplished by a person’s brain during their life time. They need a machine, the size of the United Nations building, a cooling system with an output equal to Niagara Falls and a power source that would produce as much electricity as is used in homes and industry in the entire state of California.

The major organs in the body perform such unique feats as follows: In the fraction of a second that it takes you to read one word on a page, the marrow in your bones produces over one hundred thousand red blood cells.You have all that inside of you.  You are a wonder and created for His glory! The question is what are you doing with all this power?  The first thing is to seek to obey ( Mark 12:30, 31) “And thou shalt love the Lord Thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul, and with thy entire mind,and with all thy strength”. This is the first commandment. And the second is like namely this, “Thou shalt  love thy neighbor as thyself”.

When you get the outward look and focus on God, suicidal thoughts seem to leave as well as depression and discouragement.  You are focused only on yourselves, you become depressed because it is opposite of divine instruction. It is the little things that you do everyday to help lift someone’s heavy load, or bring some happiness into the life of one who is downcast.  This is what true living is all about, for buildings will crumble, empires will fall, but the human soulwill live forever.  This is the day to invest in the eternities of tomorrow by using the power that is within you.

“Wonderful are your works and that my inner self knows right well” (Psalm139:14)