A poor woman, in an Eastern city made a complaint to the Sultan that while she slept, her all was taken by thieves. ‘Wherefore did you sleep?’ asked the Sultan. “My Lord”, was the response, “I slept because I thought you were ever awake”. The Sultan, pleased with her simple faith in his care of his people, restored to her more than she had lost. How calmly may the Christian both lie down and sleep knowing that His God is ever guarding him, for He slumbers not, neither is weary of watching. If we doubt God’s ultimate goodness, then we will be prone to discouragement. The Bible tells us that God is good, however in a world filled with hatred and evil. We need to acknowledge that God is completely good and that everything He does is good. God is so powerful that He is able to bring good results even out of evil circumstances.

Many women do not believe that God could possibly love them. Though they may intellectually know of God’s love, their feelings contradict what they know. We could never doubt God’s love for us- a love so intense that He gave His Son to die for us. Some women cannot trust God as their loving Father because their earthly fathers who were so demanding, abusive or critical. Such women should understand that God is not like any human. He is perfect and perfectly good and loving. There is no room for the word disappointment in the happy life of entire trust in Jesus and satisfaction with His perfect and glorious will.

A distressed believer once said to a Christian counselor, ‘It is hard for me to trust God when everything looks dark!’ The counselor replied, “Well sister, if you cannot trust someone, when she is out of your sight, she isn’t worth much, so too, if you can’t trust God in the dark, you really don’t consider Him trustworthy”. Then pointing to a chick that had just taken refuge beneath a large hen, he asked, ‘See that little chick hiding under the wings of its mother’’. “As long as it is there, it cannot see anything but it is protected and secure”. Opening the Bible to Psalm 91, the counselor continued, “Notice it does not say ‘under His wings shalt thou see, ‘but’ under His wings shalt thou trust.

What many women believe about God is that He should fix all their problems. If they have God, then they should have problem-free lives. God never promised to make life easy. He does promise however to walk through life with us, using the problems that come our way to mould us and shape us into the image of His Son. Many women think of God’s commands as being a burden rather than a blessing. Jesus Christ came to set people free. The Bible gives guidance and instruction that when obeyed, results are a great blessing and protection.

D.L. Moody’s favourite verse was Isaiah 12:2 “I will trust and not be afraid”. He used to say, “You can travel first class or second class to heaven”. Second class is ‘What time I am afraid, I will trust’. First class is, ‘I will trust and not be afraid’-That is the better way. Why not buy a first class ticket (Psalm 56:3). A Sunday school boy’s version of the hymn, “Trust and obey” was sung like “Trust and O.K”. Everything must be O.K. if the life has been committed to His precious keeping, there is no other way.

Trust God’s wisdom to guide, trust His goodness to provide, trust His saving love and power, Trust Him as the only light. Trust Him living, dying too; trust Him all the journey through.