“Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh” (Galatians 5:16).

“I would have you wise unto that which is good, and simple concerning evil”

(Romans 16:19).

            An elderly woman had been confined to her bedroom for several years. Each spring she watched from her window as the same robin returned and built its nest high in a nearby tree. One morning she called her daughter and said nervously, “Look! Our robin is building her nest in one of the lower branches this year. I am afraid the neighbour’s cat can reach it.” Several days later she looked out of her window to find the ground beneath that branch covered with feathers. The neighbor’s cat had indeed, found the lower branch within his reach and the robin was dead!

As young people you too, have the choice of building your lives in the “Upper branches” or in the “Lower” – of living thrillingly close to God or dangerously close to the world. In fact, consciously or unconsciously, you make that choice much more often than you think – in the choice of friends you choose, the books you read, the entertainment you prefer, your habits of Church attendance. In each case you are settling in the upper or the lower branches – close to or farther from the tentacles of temptation.

Similarly you have the choice of living in the upper or lower branches by the kind of thoughts with which you fill your minds, whether they be thoughts of kindness, goodness, love and lofty aspirations – or thoughts of mean, the low, the trivial or even the frivolous or the filthy.

 On what level has your life been moving – on the upper or the lower? The Scripture admonishes you, “Walk in the Spirit,” that is, live on the level of the things of God, “And ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.” God should help you to stay in the “Upper branches”- far from those influences which have conspired to bring about your fall.

A Christian young man was being ridiculed by his worldly companions because he refused to go along with them to a place of sinful amusement. “How do you know it is so bad?” they asked. “You have never been there!” To which the young man replied, “I don’t have to fall into every mud puddle to see if it is dirty.”

The Bible makes it very clear that those who acknowledge Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour must also acknowledge Him as their personal Lord – as the Master of their everyday lives: their thoughts, words and actions. You must ask yourself the question: “How could I refuse to shun every sinful pleasure, since for me God’s only Son suffered without measure?”