9383277-Boy-and-girl-cross-hands-hold-Stock-Vector-communion-christian-crossGod helps me show His love even when it is hard to be kind.

Sometimes it might be hard to show God’s love and be kind when someone doesn’t share a toy. When someone says mean words, you may tend to retaliate. When it’s hard to be kind we can ask God for His help!

Can you see anything if your eyes are closed?

One day a man was sitting beside the road. He could not see the green grass. He could not see the yellow, red and blue flowers. He could not see the blue sky. He could not see the children playing, jumping, and swinging. He could not see with his eyes. The man was blind. But he could hear. And this is what he heard. He heard footsteps walking along the road.

The blind man felt someone put cool mud on his eyes. He heard someone say, “Go now and wash in the pool of water” It was Jesus talking to him!

The blind man went right away to the pool and washed the mud off his eyes. As he washed, something wonderful happened!

His sight was restored, and he shouted, “I can see, I can see everything, the beautiful flowers, the tall trees, the blue sky, and the children playing”.

Soon people came to see what had happened, “Isn’t this the man who was blind?” they asked.

The man was so excited. He must have shouted “I AM the man who was blind. I did what Jesus asked me to do and now I can see!! He obeyed Jesus and got back his eye sight. He said “Once I was blind but now I can see”. Jesus is the Light of the world and He gives light to all who come to Him. You may be very small, but He loves you just the way you are. He doesn’t care who you are and where you are from. You could be short, tall, with red, black or yellow skin, still He loves you. He knows all your names. He loves you just the way you are.

When the blind man cleaned his eyes as Jesus told him, he could see. Jesus showed His love by helping the blind man see. He is always with us. He listens when we pray. He helps us when we ask Him.

Jesus showed His love to the blind man. The blind man who was healed never forgot Jesus for the rest of his life. When you show your love to others, they too will love you and you will always have friends to play with.