“Keep thyself pure” (I Timothy 5:22)

“Now unto Him that is able to keep you from falling and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy.” (Jude 24).

            However much a dove may grovel in the filth and mire of the Earth, it is never contaminated. It always retains its purity. The reason is that there is a continual flow of oil through the dove’s wings, which acts as a perpetual cleanser. As the dove is kept pure in that manner, so are we kept from the vileness of sin by the continual cleansing of the oil of the Holy Spirit. So many young Christians just starting out on the journey of life fear that they will be led away from the Christian’s pathway. Banish the fear in your perfect love for Christ. Remember God is not only a God that can save, but a God that can keep! What a comforting thought!

            A young Christian girl obtained employment in a shop where she had to make a tremendously brave stand, for her colleagues were not Christians. In this environment of worldliness and bad language, she was compelled to be on guard. At one time she was a little fearful that she would fall into their habits or unconsciously let an unwanted word escape her lips. But as the days went by she found that there was no desire whatsoever in her heart to enter into their ways. It puzzled her greatly that she could live under such conditions and not be contaminated.

            Pray the prayer of David, “Lord keep me as the apple of Thine eye,” guided and protected from all evil. Whatever your circumstances, have courage, for you are kept by the power of God through faith. Remember that you are, “… an enclosed garden, a sealed spring and a fountain sealed”. (Song of Solomon 4:12). Nobody can touch you as long as you take shelter under the mighty arms of our Lord Jesus Christ. Satan could see the holy fire around you and the glory within. As a child of the king of the true Royal Blood, you can walk with dignity, never stooping to the allurements of the world. Always keep your garments spotless.

            Once a party went down a coal mine. On the side of the gangway grew a plant which was perfectly white. The visitors were astonished that though the coal dust got deposited, the little plant was so pure and white. A miner who was with them took a handful of the black dust and threw it upon the plant, but not a particle adhered. Every atom of the dust rolled off. The visitors themselves repeated the experiment, but the coal dust would not cling. There was a wonderful enamel on the folds of the white plant to which the finest specks could not adhere. As it lived there amid clouds of black dust nothing could stain the snowy whiteness. If our Lord can keep a flower stainless, white as snow amid clouds of black dust, can He not keep your heart in like purity in this world of sin?

            Like the breath of spring, the Holy Spirit comes to your souls. He comes like dawning day. He comes like songs of morn and His presence is like the blessing to the soul. His joy shines forth and then life blossoms to its purity.