To God be the glory! I was from a Hindu family. I used to go to the Gym during my college summer holidays. The LORD introduced me to Brother Stephen Backyaraj who is the owner of that Gym. He used to tell me about the LORD Jesus daily. According to his advice, I used to attend A.C.A. Perambur once a month and get prayed over by our Pastor. Since there arose opposition from my parents, I could not attend the Church every week. I spoke to Bro. Stephen about this, we trusted God and prayed in faith. When we informed our Pastor, he also prayed and advised me to have complete faith in the LORD. Those words really strengthened me and moved me to trust the LORD more. Since then the LORD became my Saviour. I started to come to Church regularly. Glory to God! Just as I believed within few weeks, through the abundant grace of God on the 29th September 2003, I took baptism. I went home with fear in my heart. When my family came to know about my baptism, the LORD changed the circumstances in my family and granted me tremendous peace. All things are possible when we trust the LORD. There is nothing impossible with the LORD.

I worked in a car company at Guindy. The salary was very low and there was no progress. I endured a lot of hardship. I prayed to the LORD for a good job, He heard  my petition and granted me a job in Maruthi Suzuki Car Showroom in Anna Nagar with a good salary. When a compulsion arose for me to work during Sundays, I prayed to the LORD and approached my authority and told him that I could not come to work on Sunday as I had to go to Church. The LORD changed his heart and he gave me his consent. After joining the company, in one year’s time, I achieved more than my target, among those who worked in Tamilnadu and I was placed third in the Sales Contest held in Tamilnadu. At that time, the All India Contest was conducted in Delhi, I was one of the two people selected from Tamilnadu. I give all glory to God. Since the time I joined the company and till now, the LORD helped me to achieve my target and kept me as a witness as a child of God.

The LORD helped me to stand as a testimony in my marriage. My wife was a Hindu. But she knew the LORD. It was decided that my marriage was to be held in a temple. But we prayed earnestly that our marriage should not be conducted according to Hindu rituals. We informed our Pastor regarding this and he prayed earnestly for us. The LORD heard our prayer and changed the circumstance. Just as we prayed, the marriage did not happen according to Hindu customs but in a Registrar Office with the complete consent of both our parents. This was made possible only through the true LORD whom we worship. My wife got baptized in the very same month that we got married. Moreover the LORD who promised that children are the heritage from the LORD, granted us a boy child, named Samuel Joshua. He is a testimony as he is the first Christian child in our family. On the first birthday of our son, there was a financial crisis, but the LORD performed a miracle and helped us to conduct his birthday celebrations without borrowing money from anyone. The Gospel was preached to my relatives and friends. Many Hindus came to know the LORD Jesus.

According to Philippians 4:19, “But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus,” the LORD called and sanctified me, a lowly man. He has made me to see wonders and marvels. Millions of thanks to the LORD Jesus Christ who has kept me as witness.
“And ye shall know that I  am in the midst of Israel, and  that I  am the LORD your God, and none else: and My people shall never be ashamed” (Joel 2:27).

Brother David Hemnath