Through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Church came into existence. Between the Church and Jesus Christ there exists a bond of love more holy, tender and firm than any which ever existed between God and man. In Christianity there is set before man and wife the task of representing upon Earth the image of self-sacrifice, devotion and fidelity. In Christian marriage we see something higher – a mystery. The Christian family is formed to be the very image of the future Kingdom of God, in which the will of the Lord shall be done on earth as it is done in heaven. In the Christian family, on a small scale, should be seen the wisdom and gentleness of command, the willingness of obedience, the unity and firmness of mutual confidence.

The Christian family does not exist for its own benefit. It is created to bring glory and honour to God. The family belongs to God. He created it. He determined its inner structure. He appointed its purpose and goal. By divine permission a man and a woman may co-operate with God’s purpose and become part of it. But the home they establish remains His establishment. Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labour in vain.

The primary condition of happiness in marriage is Mutual Esteem.  To esteem one’s mate is to see the mate as more than an individual as one set in a sacred position by God. Esteem is an essential element of love. Mutual esteem protects a marriage from becoming a victim of the inevitable ups and downs which it will encounter. If a husband’s tenderness and care for his wife depends upon the way she looks and if the wife’s respect for her husband fluctuates with her moods, or her judgement as to how well he is satisfying her standards and expectations, then marriage is on shaky ground. God means for love in marriage to be built upon a more stable foundation. That foundation is a regard for the position in which the mate has been placed by God. God has given wives the opportunity to choose freely the submissive role even as Jesus chose to be submissive to the Father. A good wife is more precious than jewels.

A husband who protects his wife gives her a sense of respect for womanhood. This together with his own example of courtesy towards his wife is part of the legacy which every father should pass on to his sons. A husband stands as a shield and protector to his wife against assault from the unseen world of principalities and powers.

A good wife is heaven’s best gift to a man; a wife is his angel of mercy, minister of graces, his gem of many virtues and the balm of his health. Her industry is his surest wealth, her economy is his safest steward, her lips are his faithful counselors and her prayers are the ablest advocates of Heaven’s blessing on his head.