“But in every nation he that feareth Jesus Christ and worketh righteousness, is accepted with Him (Acts 10:34).


The anchor that tumbled off your life boat is dragging and snagging on the bottom. Guilt and anxiety have come aboard, pointing out the great dark hulks of shipwrecks below. They busy  themselves  drilling worry-holes in your hull and you are beginning to sink. Down in the hold, you can hear them chant an old lie as they work: “The bird with the broken pinion never soared as high again.”You may wrestle with a past that has been fractured and wounded by a mental or emotional breakdown. It is possible that you live with memories covered now by the sands of time, a terrible habit or past guilt. You feel that any one of these things might mar or cripple your reputation if the dirty details ever spilled on the mouth of gossipers.


Before you surrender your case as hopeless, consider the liberating evidence offered in the Bible. Take an honest look at men and women whom God used in spite of their past! Abraham, founder of Israel and tagged “The friend of God”, was once a worshipper of idols. Joseph had a prison record but later became Prime Minister of Egypt. Moses slew a Hebrew but later became the one who delivered his nation from the slavery of Pharaoh. Jephthah was an illegitimate child who ran around with a tough bunch of hoods before he was chosen by God to become His personal representative. Rahab was a harlot in the streets of Jericho but was later used in such a mighty way that God enlisted her among the members of His hall of fame in Hebrews chapter11.


Eli and Samuel were both poor, inconsistent fathers, but proved to be strong men in God’s hand. Jonah and John Mark were missionaries who ran away from hardship like cowards but were ever so profitable later on. Peter openly denied the Lord and cursed Him, only to return and become God’s choicest spokesman among the early years of the infant Church. Paul was so hard and vicious in his early life, the disciples and apostles refused to believe he had actually become a Christian and we know how greatly God used him. The files of Heaven are filled with stories of redeemed, refitted renegades and rebels. In plain, we were all taken from the same dunghill. We all fight the same fight with the filth of flesh regardless how loudly we sing, how piously we pray and how sweetly we greet others.


Mark it- when God forgives, He forgets. He is not only willing but pleased to use any vessel- just as long as it is clean to-day. It may be cracked or chipped. It may be worn or it may have never been used before. You can count on this – the past ended one second ago. From this point onwards, you can be clean, filled with His Spirit and used in many different ways for His honour. God’s glorious grace says  “Throw guilt and anxiety overboard –draw the anchor–trim the sails – – mend the rudder – a strong gale is coming! How magnificent is grace! How malignant is guilt! How sweet are His promises! How sour is the past! How precious and broad is God’s love! How refreshing is the Lord!