A covenant is intended by God to be a lifelong fruitful relationship between a man and a woman. Marriage is a vow to God, to each other, our families and our community, to remain steadfast in unconditional love, reconciliation while purposefully growing in our covenanted marriage.

            A covenant is an agreement and a vow one person makes with another. It is not just any agreement. It is a solemn vow before God. We need to realize that the consequences of breaking a covenant we made before God is very serious. Once we understand this, then we realize that leaving the marriage is not an easy option for us.

            Marriage was God’s idea. In fact, He designed it. He knows that man needed a help-meet to compliment him. His ultimate goal for marriage is for husbands and wives to have oneness, expressed in a relationship bound together by a Holy Covenant.

            Covenants are the fruit of a loving, faithful relationship. The vows we exchange at our wedding, reflect a relationship already bound by steadfast love and faithfulness. The degree in which these words have meaning, comes in direct proportion to the unconditional love that dwells within our heart, for the one to whom we are repeating them.

            Covenant partners take responsibility for their actions. As partners in a covenant marriage relationship, we are responsible for our actions. We should remain pure in our thoughts and actions towards our spouse.

            Covenants are based on freedom of choice. Covenant marriages are not built on deceit and manipulation. A wife’s submission is freely given. It grows from respect, not fear and manipulation. In like manner, a husband should choose daily to love his wife “as Christ loved the Church.” You must freely choose to love and honour her, in spite of the fact that you may not “feel” like loving and honoring her.

            Covenants are rooted in actions based on choices and not feelings. Our feelings are forever fluctuating. Therefore, to build a covenanted marriage on feelings, is to build it on shifting sand, which cannot support the foundation of marriage.

            Covenant partners nurture their relationship. Our marriage will grow as we build up one another in love. This takes place when we value our spouse more than ourselves. As we experience the unconditional love of Jesus Christ, we are able to love our spouse as He loves us. Covenant partners administer unconditional love, forgiveness, and reconciliation while providing comfort and hope to their partner.

            Covenants are based on commitments freely offered. A covenant is built on selfless love freely given and freely received. As strange as it may sound, a covenant marriage is one in which the “tie that binds” the couple together is a commitment freely offered with no strings attached Paul said, “Love never fails.”(1 Corinthians 13:8).    

            God does have a plan for your marriage. He desires to see your love grow and bear fruit. The goal of a covenanted marriage is not to merely enjoy each other’s company nor is it to simply endure to the end. The goal of a covenanted marriage, is to glorify God in your relationship and to exemplify Christ to the world. Renewed devotion to the marriage covenant could become a significant factor in helping countless couples stick to their vows and achieve the satisfaction and joy of a lasting marriage.