Paul Missionary Ministry

Paul Missionary Team is launched with a sole goal to evangelize the areas in and around the Church with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by distributing Gospel Tracts and New Testaments in various languages. The good Lord has done wonderful things and still doing through the men and women who reach out … more

Good Samaritan Ministry

It is a ministry aimed at exhibiting the qualities of Jesus Christ which He had during His earthly ministry. It is a ministry of Compassion, Care and Concern for the needy and the deserving. Jesus took time to be with them and comforted them. This ministry does lend a helping hand to families in times of crisis and to share with them … more

Judah Worship Team Ministry

This is a ministry to motivate God’s people to seek His face every day early morning. Also to begin the day worshipping God and experience the manifest presence of God in their lives. God is raising a band of worshippers in this small vineyard who will worship Him in Spirit and in Truth and in the beauty of holiness … more

Gideon Youth Team

Around 120 young people of our Church attend youth meetings regularly on Sundays and every fourth Saturdays. Many are serving the Lord in various fields. It is really an amazing thing to see how the Spirit of God works in and through them. Many serve God by playing musical instruments … more

Word of Life Literature Team

A monthly magazine, “BRIDAL CALL” is being circulated for the edification of the believers in order to prepare them for the soon coming of Jesus Christ. The special contents of this magazine are Editor’s Note, For you this month ( Promise ), Message for Messengers, Truth for Youth, Think and Thank and Bible Quiz … more

Nehemiah Chain Prayer Team

God is looking for a person who will make up the hedge and stand in the gap before Him. Prayer is the back bone of any ministry. Believers come into God’s house from 5.00 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. at different set hours, to pray for various requests that are displayed on the notice board. God answers prayers and many have been blessed … more

Shiloh Sunday School

For any super structure, a solid foundation is required. This ministry seeks to sow the seed, the Word of God in the tender hearts of the small children and thereby laying a strong foundation in the ways of God. It aids them to grow up to become men and women of integrity in the kingdom of God. We have a dedicated band of … more

Divine Counselling

On every Thursday people come for personal counseling and prayer from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. Divine counsel is being imparted on different aspects of life. This ministry of counseling helps people to know the will of God in their lives. Those who obey the counsel of God are immensely blessed … more

Sisters’ Fellowship

Every Thursday, sisters come together for a time of intercession for the different family problems. Even many unbelievers attend this prayer and are being blessed and delivered. Every 3rd Saturday, special sisters’ fellowship meeting is held in our Church at 4.00 p.m. for both English and Tamil … more

Cell Group Ministry

According to Mark 2:1 & 2, Cell Meetings are functioning at various areas to reach the people in a more effective way. Many are added and are still being added into the fold through this ministry. It is conducted in Tamil and English separately in various houses. Many are healed of their sicknesses and … more