Young people should know how to set priorities in their lives. Things that are more important should capture their attention. Spending their time wisely is the best way that brings the most dramatic change in their lives.

1. Place Christ before all else – In order to be a true follower of Jesus Christ, you need to be wholly devoted to Him and let nothing else get in the way of your devotion. In Philippians 3: 4 & 6 Paul says that if others have reason to have confidence in their own efforts, I have even more. He was so zealous that he harshly persecuted the Church. As for righteousness, he obeyed the law without fault. When Paul met Jesus on the way to Damascus, he realized that the act of cruelty towards the Christians was taking him in the wrong direction. For that reason he counted his reputation, pursuits, achievements and possessions as worthless, so that his whole pursuit would be in knowing and serving Christ. He placed Christ above everything else in his life. May God give you grace to recognize the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus.
2. Redeem the time because the days are evil – Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days. Do not act thoughtlessly, but understand what the Lord wants you to do. Remember that ‘time’ never forgives you. The meaning is that, that time which is lost, is lost forever. Yesterday is gone. Today offers itself so that you can make the best use of to-day. You are not sure of the morrow. The only thing that is certain about the future, is its sheer uncertainty. Jesus said in John 9:4, “I must quickly carry out the tasks assigned to me by the One who sent me. The night is coming and then no one can work.” The Holy Ghost, the restrainer will be taken away. The Church will be caught up in the rapture. Evils abound. There will be a famine of hearing God’s word. Satan will be very active with his strategies and snares.
3. Balance Christian service with worship – Do not get so caught up in serving the Lord that you forget to worship Him and get to know Him better. It is easy to lose sight of Jesus in the midst of all our activity for Him. This shows the necessity of balancing work with our worship. Martha was the doer; she wanted to please the Lord and so she made the mistake of substituting the work for worship. She felt tired and overworked. Like Martha, we become weary in our work for the Lord, when we fail to sit at His feet and draw from the spiritual forces available to us. Mary was a worshipper. She had a balanced life. She recognized that there was a time to work and a time to worship. Mary seized the wonderful moment to sit at His feet and learnt many valuable lessons. We damage our Christian lives when we fail to take time to commune with Him. What we do with Christ is far more important than what we do for Christ. Those who strike a balance between work and worship will keep themselves from spiritual burnout and will become more effective in their services to the Lord.
4. Keep your spiritual zeal alive – Work hard to keep the fire in your heart burning brightly as you serve the Lord. Strive to reach that goal. Strain every nerve of yours to achieve that venerable purpose. Romans12:11 renders thus:“Never be lazy, but work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically.” The phrase serve the Lord enthusiastically is to have burning hearts for God. Jesus admonished the Church in Laodicea that they were neither hot nor cold. In essence, they had lost the life of their spiritual zeal and consequently, they were an offence to Christ. Jesus cautioned them to repent or He would reject them. We can fuel our spiritual fire by spending time with God’s people in fellowship and prayer. Young men and women, what is your spiritual temperature? Are you passionate about the Lord you serve?