I am Ramesh. I was born in a Hindu family. I was a zealous idol worshipper. Even after my marriage, I worshipped idols. I used to consume alcohol and became an addict to it. Two daughters were born to me. I used to create a lot of problems at my home when I was drunk. I would not give my salary to them. There was no peace in my home. I used to say that whatever I did was right. I was never a help to my wife and two daughters.

     My wife was working in a believer’s house where they used to conduct prayer meetings. She used to attend the meetings conducted there and it was there that the Lord touched her. She committed her life to the Lord. Later as a family, we accepted the Lord and there was peace in the family. We were attending Church regularly. Suddenly we went into financial debts as we were cheated by a chit fund. Our debts increased so much that we felt that we were being choked.  I stopped trusting God and refused to go to Church. I went back to alcohol, went away from the Lord and lost the joy of salvation which He had given me. Because of this, I cared less for my wife and children and stayed away from home.

     I fell into sin at my workplace and was unable to come out of it. I stayed away from my home for two months not knowing where I was and became more addicted. My wife used to telephone me and tell me that the children were not doing well but I would not come to see them. One day, when I came home, I thought of creating a problem and leaving my home. I was counselled by our dear Pastor many times and he asked me to repent and come back. I was so addicted to alcohol that I was not able to accept it. Since I was addicted, I was affected mentally and physically. I was ultimately admitted in a de-addiction Centre for alcoholics. During my absence from the home, my family was helped every month by the Church through the ‘Crisis Cupboard Ministry.’

     In my absence none of my family members came to visit or help my wife or children. God helped my family through the Church and the believers. I spent fifty lonely days in the hospital as no one was allowed to see me. I felt like an orphan. Even after my discharge from the hospital, I failed to go to Church. It was at this time that our dear Pastor sent the two associate Pastors to visit me and they prayed for me with a great burden. They invited me to come back to Church. The guilt of sin was keeping me back from coming to Church. It was here that the Lord began to minister to me from Luke’s Gospel chapter 15. The Lord convicted me of all my sins. I cried out to the Lord to forgive me of all my sins. I began to wait upon the Lord every day early in the morning. God forgave me of all my sins.

     In the midst of all these problems, God graciously enabled my two daughters to pass their Board examinations with good marks. The Lord restored back to me the lost job and peace. He accepted me as His child. The Lord enabled us to conduct a Gospel meeting at our residence. The Lord has given back to us afresh the things we lost and has blessed us double fold. God is good. Amen.

Brother K. Ramesh.