Schedule of Services

Day Meeting Time  
Tuesday Prayer warriors’ meeting 06:30 pm  
Wednesday Bible study 06:30 pm  
Thursday Personal prayer & counselling 10:00 am  
Thursday Cell meeting 06:30 pm  
2nd saturday Sanctification meeting 10:00 am  
3rd saturday General sisters’ meeting 04:30 pm  
4th saturday Youth meeting 04:30 pm  
Sunday English worship service 07:00 am  
Sunday school 09:30 am  
Youth meeting 09:30 am  
Tamil worship service 10:30 am  
Out reach ministry 03:30 pm  
Evening worship service 06:30 am  
Every 1st sunday Youth meeting 03:30 pm  
Every 1st of the month Sunrise service 05:00 am  
Every day Praise & worship 05:00 am