wedding_holding_hands All marriages can benefit from a little work every now and then. You have to work hard to keep your marriage strong. With the busy lives and hectic schedule, sometimes you and your spouse need to slow down and take a look at what is most important in your life. Here are some ways that you can keep your marriage strong through Christ.

Keep God in Your Marriage

Some Christian experts on marriage will tell you that the best thing you can do for your marriage is to keep God in your marriage in every way. You need to remember that it was God who brought you together and God who will keep you together. Marriage is not easy, even for the strongest of couples, but when you take the time to remember God each and everyday, your marriage will stay strong.

Remember Your Wedding Vows

When you get married, you take a vow in front of God and your family. These vows are not just words that you say. They mean something and when you have a hard day with your spouse, take a few moments to reflect on your wedding vows. This will really help you remember the reasons you married and will help you appreciate your spouse more.

Pray and Worship Together

Strong Christian couples always take time to pray and worship together. Believe it or not, praying together will help you better understand your spouse’s inner thoughts and feelings. This, in turn, will help keep the lines of communication open. Communication is one of the most important things in a marriage. At the end of a very busy day, take just a few moments to hold each other’s hands and pray together. Attend Church services together and teach others about your strong marriage.

Let Nothing Come Between You and God

Sometimes this may sound easier said than done, but when you are married, you have a commitment to each other. Make a pact that nothing comes between you and God. You need to remember that even while you are tempted. You need to remember that after you have cared for your children all day along and feel tired. You need to remember that when you have had a disagreement. While you may not always agree on everything, you need to make sure that whatever the situation may be, it will not separate you physically or spiritually. A strong marriage does take time and work. It doesn’t happen by itself. To love is a choice, not an option and when you remember why you married your spouse and how God brought you together, you will have a stronger marriage through Christ.