VI.Thou shall NOT dig the past that stinks or pains:

Do not dig into the past affairs of your spouse whether it is about the life before the marriage or after the marriage. Or even about the failures of your spouse in the past with you. Look forward and talk of faith, hope and love. 1 Corinthians 13:13 says , “And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these  is charity. ”


VII. Thou shall save for the future, so your future will be secure. 

Men are more carefree or careless to think about the future. He feels that everything will be all right and bright. But the woman and the children feel happy and secure when they can feel it. For them love and security is not a feeling but it must be tangible. They need a house, money in the bank and security in the future that they can see and touch, they want to be sure of that  and not just a dream of faith. They don’t like the fantasy talk of prosperity.


VIII. Thou shall not criticize, but admire each other:

You can correct your spouse. But remember the ratio 1:5. Only when you have appreciated your spouse for five times then you have the right to criticise once. Now this criticism is not destructive but to build up your spouse constructively. You are required to admire your spouse.

XI. Thou shall do all to enhance your marriage:

I suggest that you read a book on marriage and or family life now and then. The older you get, definitely you should read books because more than half of the aged couples are living in frozen marriages and sleeping in separate rooms. You should attend a seminar on marriage whenever possible. Not because you have trouble in your marriage but to learn about the traps and snare the devil will put to destroy a Christian home – the smallest unit of God on earth. Seminars will enhance your marriage and correct the directions and actions. Seminars will help you to understand your spouse as why he/she does many things different than you expect.

X. Treasure your children:

Treasure them, protect them, cherish them, take care of them, live for them, love them, give them faith in GOD and invest in them. Their life, their protection, their education and their health must be your primary concern. Sacrifice all that is necessary for them. And build them in strict discipline with due love in such a way that no one will starve of attention or affection. No one will be able to say that my father and mother did not care for me and that is why I ended up in a mess.