I Thou shall keep the priorities in order:

How is the priority aspect in your family? Do you follow this order? God first and then your family and then your job and finally your friends? Have you seen a juggler? Do you know what will happen to a juggler who is playing with four lemons and one of them falls from his hands? All the other lemons will fall from his hands. He has to stop, pick them up and start it over again afresh. Keep the priorities in the right order. Do the same to set right your priorities in your family.

      II Thou shall have family prayer every evening and eat at least one meal a day together:

Make both an enjoyable time. Think of good ways to make the food and prayer time not just a routine affair but quite different, at least once in a while – like different people cooking different items or every one taking part for a common meal. A study has revealed that the children from families that ate one meal a day together behaved much better in the school. Worshipping God by holding hands together or sitting together. How about having campfire and family prayer in a cold evening outside your home. How about having an open discussion about a subject the children are interested? Matters like: ‘love marriage’, ‘why some people are not healed’, ‘where will the non-Christians go when they die,’ ‘which baptism is right: child baptism or believer’s baptism? Why some Christians don’t wear ornaments etc. Make it a real interesting Bible study with total freedom given to the children to express their feelings and understanding.


      III. Thou shall spend enough time with your spouse and plenty of time with your kids:

Play together, go for a walk, picnic together and share a humor and laugh. Give each other memories as though each week is the last week you are going to live. Give each one enough time.

     IV .Thou shall love and trust your partner as thyself:

Do you doubt the character of your partner whenever you will see him/her talking to someone or laugh with a person of the opposite sex? Is it not just suspicion? If this gnawing suspicion is increasing as the days go by, do not hesitate to go to a Christian counsellor at the earliest. It is found that the women dare to seek help from counsellors and men normally hesitate to co-operate. This must change. Both should go. If one feels the need, the other must go too to help and find help.

      V. Thou shall NOT ever talk about divorce:

Remove that word from your vocabulary. Some time, the thought of divorce or separation may come into you. Arrest it. Your deceiving heart would say, ‘this marriage was a mistake.’ But don’t meditate about it. Don’t ever utter it. Stop it as soon as possible. Fill up that devastating thoughts with hopeful words and wonderful Bible promises.

………. To be continued