1. MAKE GOD, FIRST AND BEST IN EVERYTHING: Couples that place God at the centre of their marriage, are happier than those that don’t. They focus on God as the source of their happiness, rather than their spouse. If you decide to make your relationship with God first in your life, then everything else will naturally fall into place, in the right order, creating the fulfilled life you hope to enjoy. Get started on this, by getting your spiritual food.
  2. DISCOVER AND FOCUS ON YOUR SPOUSE’S POSITIVE QUALITIES INSTEAD OF DEFECTS: Just think of your mood as an elevator, with its high moods and low moods. Focusing on the negative qualities of a person, takes the elevator down to the basement of low moods. Depression, irritation, anger, stress, and fear are low moods. Concern about a person, brings the mood elevator up. Be curious about your spouse’s positive qualities, and focus on them. When you find them, you will have more of the high moods like gratitude, hope and happiness.
  3. NEVER HOLD ON TO THOUGHTS THAT YOUR MARRIAGE IS A MISTAKE: These thoughts may enter your mind when you go through tough times. Holding on to these thoughts, will undermine your will to work at improving your marriage. Remember that it was God who brought you together, and He never makes a mistake. Let these thoughts exit your mind as quickly as they entered in.
  4. COMMIT YOURSELF TO BE THE BEST PERSON FOR YOUR SPOUSE: Put the energy you would use trying to convince your spouse to change, into changing your own self. Unless you are willing to give your life for your spouse, in spite of her/his flaws, you have a lot to work at. A great starting point is to evaluate your own contributions to your marriage. What are you doing that helps or hurts your relationship with your spouse?
  5. SHOW THE SAME LOVE AND RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER: After marriage, all the effort of impressing your spouse usually slips away slowly. The less attractive aspects of your character take centre stage. If you are not the person you were when we got married, then you are obligated to become that person again.
  6. ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER IN FIGHTING LIFE’S BATTLES: One of the most effective ways to help your spouse, is by offering encouraging words. All of us have areas in which we feel insecure. This often hinders us from accomplishing our God-given dreams. When we receive encouragement, we become confident to continue to pursue our dreams.
  7. LEARN TO MAKE YOUR SPOUSE HAPPY AND DO IT OFTEN: This is the kind of thing you probably used to your advantage when you were newly-wed. It shows that you have a genuine interest in your spouse’s happiness. These things bring joy not only to your spouse but to you as well. Research has shown that happiness in a marriage, flourishes when spouses give generously to each other.