Transparency is a vital part of marriage. You cannot build a meaningful bond with your spouse if you are hiding part of yourself. Transparency and accountability with your spouse is one way to ensure healthy progress towards Christ, which is the whole point of marriage in the first place. Transparency is one tool you use to honour Jesus by being the person He has called you to be through right living. You glorify God when your lives are proof of His holiness, goodness and utter consistency.

       Transparency requires trusting and being trust-worthy. There can be no trust without honesty, and no real intimacy without transparency. And what is a loving relationship without trust or intimacy? Intimacy is the willingness to grant your spouse total access to your inner world of your secrets, motives, intentions, desires and beliefs. It is who you are without the mask and pretenses. Achieving this state of intimacy, requires you to be mentally and emotionally transparent. Sin can cause brokeness and hurt which can take years to heal, before trust can even begin to be rebuilt. Transparency, forgiveness and prayer will help rebuild trust in a marriage that has become sour.

            When a couple enters marriage, they are unified as one. Therefore from the very beginning, try to share your actions, struggles and hurts. Open your heart, mind and soul to your spouse. When you share your emotions and feelings with your spouse, you are trusting him/her with your life. What greater solace do you have when you open up to the one who promised to be with you in the good times and the bad? It signifies your frankness, honesty and loyalty in your interaction with your spouse. It makes your married life a lot easier to live. There is less tension and frustration between both of you, as you are sure about the activities and whereabouts of each other. Peace prevails in your home. You take good care of what you value.

Transparent Communication in Your Marriage:

  1. Closes the door from any external mischief-makers or from enemies of your marriage who attempt to sow seeds of dissention. If you talk about things openly with your spouse, you are better able to work together to handle problematic external forces and influences that work against harmonic relations between the two of you.
  2. Demonstrates incomparable trust. If you keep lines of communication open about any subject matter, you create an atmosphere of emotional safety. You demonstrate with your action a profound level of trust that you have for your mate and are willing to expose information and receiving it responsibly.
  3. Builds an authentic friendship between you and your spouse. Real friends are very rare. When people are married, the best and strongest friendship one can build is with their spouse. Having your spouse as your best friend makes an “ordinary” marriage “extraordinary”; and the difference one can make by befriending their spouse is adding that little “extra” dynamic to the relationship.
  4. Offers protection against infidelity. Infidelity happens in a cloud of secrecy. When things are not kept secret between husband and wife, and couples are able to openly discuss their weaknesses or temptations with each other, it provides an opportunity to effectively deal with risk factors.
  5. Serves as a tool for healing conflicts. Transparent loving communication helps to ease the pain that sometimes spouses causes one another. When you openly discuss your feelings and emotions with your mate, it provides a platform to work through issues maturely and lovingly.