There are two things in marriage. One is a covenant and the other is a contract. Though other religions view it as a contract, the Holy Bible clearly says that marriage is a not a contract but a covenant. Now what are the differences between a covenant and a contract?

A covenant is love- oriented, its foundation is love. True love sacrifices.  It is based on steadfast love and refuses to focus on the negative aspects of the spouse. But a contract is business oriented. It  has no feeling for the other partners. Gain is the primary motive.

A covenant is permanent but a contract is temporary. In a marriage covenant, you cannot change your spouse but in a contract you can. Imagine a person strikes a deal with his spouse, saying “Let us live for just five years.” This is not permitted in a marriage covenant. But in a contract, there are rules and laws that must be followed for a stipulated period of time.

A covenant is a relationship between two people for life. A covenant is made with only one person but a contract can be made with any number of people,  any number of times.

A covenant is selfless and unconditional. There are no do’s and don’ts in it. But a contract is selfish and conditional. Terms and conditions are laid down for its fulfillment. A covenant is irrevocable and the LORD is the witness but a contract is revocable and man is the witness.

In a covenant there is no escape clause. The covenant language is “for better or for worse” but in a contract there are loop holes and escape clauses. Once, a husband was looking at his marriage certificate so intently. The wife asked, “What are you searching in there?”  “I am looking for the expiry date” was the reply.

In a covenant, it is all about what best you can give to your spouse.  It is yielding to fulfill the desire of your spouse. But in a contract, it is all about what best you can get. It is demanding. It is done for one’s self interest.

Finally, do not forget, your marriage is a covenant. Always look at your spouse and say, “Our marriage is a covenant.” Once locked, you are locked forever. God hates divorce. Even when you have difference of opinions and fights, do not use the word, ‘divorce.’ Husbands and wives are encouraged to spend their time in prayer.

“What therefore God has joined together, let no man put it asunder” (Mark 10: 9).

A Family that prays together, stays together.